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Who is Adapt

Headquartered just outside Quebec City, Adapt Solutions manufactures wheelchair accessible automotive turning seats, transfer systems and wheelchair lifting devices. Our mission is to help people with limited mobility get in and out of their vehicles by offering innovative, discreet, user-friendly and easily installed quality mobility equipment.

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Our values


We believe a transparent, open and authentic attitude from all of our team members creates trust and confidence within and surrounding our company. This means that members of our team must be honest, truthful and trustworthy.


We strive to ever improve the excellence of our products and service to create an experience for our customers that is truly apart. We believe in our brand, our product and our reputation.


Pride in the work accomplished and a desire to protect and respect the company’s reputation affects the way daily tasks are accomplished.

A growing story

The passionate, creative Adapt Solutions team brings you innovative mobility solutions. Our products are reliable, sleek, and designed with simplicity so that they work when you need them. We strive to understand the needs and challenges of the mobility industry and use this knowledge to recommend simple, practical solutions. We take safety seriously. Making sure that our products interact properly with the safety features found in your vehicle is important to us. When you choose Adapt-Solutions, you will be pleased with the service & products that you receive from our team. We stand behind our products. We are eager to work with you and help you in your quest for the best quality mobility equipment.


Ready to serve you

Ashley Crook

Account Manager

William Scott

Customer Support Specialist

Etienne Carbonneau

R&D Director

Bryan Sanchez

Technical Account Manager

Jessica Gagnon

Executive Assistant

Richard Cooke

Customer Support Specialist

Tiffany Lutczyk

Inside Sales Specialist

Junior Couture

Strategic Director

Gina Lewis


Why choose Adapt Solutions

Our core values speak to the people that makes up our team. The passion, drive, care and attention that goes into everything we do means you get the best, quality mobility equipment.


What people are saying

Your equipment allowed me to maintain independence without the time and expense of a full van modification. I can't thank you enough for offering practical solutions for people with disabilities.

Erin G.

Customer service was shockingly fast. Thanks.

Barry Dean M.

We were so impressed with the LINK!


I had your XL-SEAT install in my van and love it.


I recently purchased your XL-BOARD and SPEEDY-LIFT and had them installed in my Mazda 5. So far they are working great, I just need some practice.

Steve G.

I had an XL-BASE installed on my 2003 Dodge Caravan for my disabled wife. The system works like a charm.

Gilles M.

I recently had a SPEEDY-LIFT installed in my 2015 Toyota Sienna minivan. It is working very well and serves my needs perfectly.

Glenn F.

I recently purchased a SPEEDY-LIFT for my Mazda 5. I love the product and think it will help me tremendously.

Matt K.

Want to learn more about the safety of our solutions ?

Safety is not just a word we print on our brochures. It is not just an idea. It is a reality. Come take a detailed look at the steps we take to ensure you have access to safe products.

About safety

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